Dates Set for the WMN 2011 Spring Student Concerts

How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?
Practice, Take Lesson, Practice Again!

Our two day combined extravaganza of gentle tender music and over the top rockin' excitement is set for the last weekend in May.  The World Music Nashville Spring Student Concerts will commence with an evening of Solo Performances on Friday, May 27th, at 6PM. During this show students of all ages will perform the latest results of all their hard work. The performances are inspiring, some of the performers are just too cute for words, and if you are not careful you might just well up a little inside as you watch how beautiful the human spirit can be in its finest pursuits.
On Saturday, May 28th, the all out gonzo Student Band Performances start at 5PM. If you like a wide variety of musical styles, than this show is for you. A little pop, a little blues, some funky horns, how about some Led Zeppelin, and Tool. If you are not a big fan of a certain musical style not to worry. Wait three and half minutes and the next song will be very different. There is something for everyone.


The night has an incredibly fun atmosphere, and there are some light-hearted laughs to go with the music. This show allows the eager students of World Music Nashville a grand setting to expose their talent and determination. On a large stage with big sound system and lights, set in a large room packed with a standing-room-only audience, the very young to the very worldly take the stage and play their hearts out. If you would like to see what we do and what we accomplish at the World Music Nashville Music Education Center then this would be a good night to stop by and visit.

In addition to the diversity of styles, you will also be treated to performers tackling some very difficult songs. All our students bands are coached by our pro teachers. (This is one of the free perks of taking lessons at WMN). The teachers and the students have been known to go for broke and challenge themselves to learn and perform some very difficult songs. Some of the results are amazing. It is inspiring to see what students can accomplish if they set the bar high and work hard to get er' done!

Both shows are open to the public and Admission is Free.
Friday, May 27th, 6:PM, SOLO PERFORMANCES Show
Saturday, May 28th, 5:PM, BAND PERFORMANCES Show

Say CHEESE!  a Notice to Current WMN Students


The new World Music Nashville Music Education Center website has been sprinkled with photos of you, and you, and you! There are some great photographs. I have placed photos throughout the website from your past student concerts and from your music lessons. You might find yourself inside a teacher's profile page, or on any one of the many other website pages. Take a peek if you are curious.

On the home page of this new website you will find a Countdown Clock set for the Spring Student Concerts. There you can see how many days you have left to practice until the big show!

Have fun practicing for the shows each and every one of you. We all look forward to seeing the terrific results that you and your Teachers produce. And on a final note, a special thank you to all the parents for their wonderful support in making all this great music happen!

Dave Johnson
World Music Nashvile


Visit the WMN Music Education Center Website:


Lesson Ctr. Hrs:  Mon. - Thur. 10am to 8pm,   Fri. 10am - 7pm,   Sat. 10am - 6pm


article author: Dave Johnson, Nashville, TN

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