Rock Nash 1B

Rock Nashville @ WMN is a band experience for aspiring musicians of all ages. We offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced band opportunities for musicians who want to take their musical experience to the next level. Our goal is to educate and equip each musician with the knowledge and skills that it takes to be a valuable member in a band.

Beginning band members learn what it’s like to play in a group. Teamwork, leadership, and performance skills are introduced in a relaxed and fun, confidence-building environment. The goal for the beginning bands is to be able to perform a thirty-minute set of music together.

Intermediate bands continue to hone their performance, teamwork, and leadership abilities and begin to build repertoire and network among themselves.

Advanced bands work together and with their coach to create two cohesive sets of music and headline their own concert. Advanced band members are also invited (not required) to intern as student leaders during concerts and practices for beginning and intermediate bands.

Students of all bands are encouraged to participate in the creative process of arranging songs and managing set lists.

Students in this program perform in a minimum of two concerts per year.

Rock Nashville is managed by Band Guru, Brandon Lucas.

Other Coaches: Ben Wood and Malinda Stenberg

Four practices (60 minutes each) per month

Cost: $120 per month

Missed practices with 24 hours notice are eligible for a 30 min private make up lesson.

Students do not have to take private lessons to be involved in Rock-Nashville. A free consultation with one of the coaches is required for proper placement.

Please contact Brandon Lucas for more information or to set up your consultation.