Robert Williams - Guitar

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 In 2017 World Music Nashville will be launching online / distance learning. So now you’ll have an alternative if your busy schedule makes getting to our store for lessons inconvenient. Our new video streaming service makes it possible for you to take one-on-one lessons with our instructors at your convenience from the comfort of home. To learn more about this revolutionary new program, please click the link below.

Robert Williams has a rich history of guitar playing and teaching guitar. He has toured nationally and internationally, and has spent prodigious amounts of time on both sides of the glass in the recording studio — deftly handles the engineering duties on one side, while ripping a masterful solo on the other. When needed he can also jump in and play several other instruments.

Robert teaches music theory, technique, and a diverse set of guitar styles that range from Classical to Modern Rock. He says, "I genuinely enjoy teaching because it gives me the opportunity to develop someone else's skills and fuel their passion for music, while expanding my own". Currently Robert plays Lead Guitar, and handles background vocal duties in the Nashville band "Fire Flight".